Decorative Panel "Cendana" - Antic-wash - 110 cm

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“Cendana” means “sandalwood” in Indonesian language. It refers to a tree that has yellow wood and develops a nice, strong smell, often used in fine fragrances.

Our “Cendana” panel features a beautiful centrepiece with a flower-like design, traditionally used by Balinese craftsmen for the past century. A very eye-catching piece that can be hung in a dining-room to wow your guests!

Made of fiber wood (MDF). MDF is a great alternative to raw wood to make more affordable panels, It is light and easy to paint thanks to its smoothness It is also durable and sustainable, which means it can be kept in good condition regardless of the climate.

How to install my decorative wall panel? Because of its light weight, it can simply be hung to your wall with the hooks provided at the back.

Hand carved in Central Bali by a local artisan.

Antic wash finish

Dimensions: L110 x W110 x T1.5 cm

Weight: 7 kg