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The beautiful faces behind our hand carved wood mirrors, Ibu Nyoman and Pak Ketut.

Family-ran businesses are very common on the Island of Gods but it's becoming increasingly difficult to get the youngest generations to get involved in artisanal work due to the hardship of this profession.

Ibu Nyoman and Pak Ketut have 2 children, aged 15 and 18. They started their mirrors-crafting business 12 years ago to grow it to a reasonable size, allowing them to make a decent living off it. Both of them love to paint as many other Balinese, but Pak Ketut has been pursuing his passion in carving ever since he was small. 

We started working with Ibu Nyoman and Pak Ketut right since the inception of Kulturë Home Decor and they've been delivering creative, affordable yet qualitative hand carved mirrors ever since!

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Find out how we help Betesda Orphanage in Batam

Actions speak louder than word! Each year, we donate 5% of our profits to Betesda Orphanage. These funds help financing the kid's education and provide them with basic necessities. 

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