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The beautiful faces behind our hand carved tables and room dividers, Ibu Krismonanti and Pak I Wayan.

Ibu Krismonanti and her husband decided to open an workshop / art shop while still dating in 2015. They decided to specialize in affordable hand-carved small furniture.

Thanks to their strong determination and continuous support from their customers and family, they now run a relatively successful operation, allowing them to sustain their daily needs and feed their sole child, a 3-year old boy.

With the impact of COVID-19, their business recently took a hit. They hope to get through this difficult time by focusing on export rather than tourism business, which was hit the hardest on the Island of Gods.

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Find out how we help Betesda Orphanage in Batam

Actions speak louder than word! Each year, we donate 5% of our profits to Betesda Orphanage. These funds help financing the kid's education and provide them with basic necessities. 

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