Our Commitments

At Kulturë, we want to be more than an online exotic home decor provider. We are also dreamers, and we firmly believe that it is possible to change the world and build a better home for our children, brick by brick, by paying more attention to our environment and giving back to the communities who need it the most.

We're progressively building up our Corporate Social Responsibility policy to reflect our philanthropic and ethically-oriented business practices. Read on to find out what causes we seek to support through our small family enterprise and how you can help!

Betesda Orphanage Outreach

Sometimes, it just takes one message on a social media platform to get the wheel turning. On 20th July 2015, long before the idea of Kulturë was formed, Charles chanced upon a post from a fellow French national on Facebook "Singafrog" group. Sophie was looking for voluntaries to join her on a day trip to Betesda Orphanage in Batam, an Indonesian island located 2 hours away from Singapore by ferry.

Charles and Esi decided to join this small group of enthusiastic folks to visit the children and bring them groceries, toys and spend the day at the orphanage. They immediately decided to regularly return there, having taken the children' interests close to their hearts.

What is Betesda Orphanage?

Betesda orphanage (Panti Asuhan Betasda) was founded by Pastor Zebua of the BAHTERA MISI FOUNDATION (Yayasan Bahtera Misi) in 2005.

Pastor Zebua originates from the remote island of Nias, located approximately 150 km west of Sumatra. Following the 2005 earthquake, he organised a Relief Mission to Nias and through his Christian Foundation, opened an orphanage in Batam for the Nias children who had lost their families. More children joined the orphanage in 2012 after a tsunami hit the Indonesian island of Mentawai.

Today, Betesda houses 46 children. It is located in Batam at Perum Alam Raya Block D No 9/11 Batam Centre.

Betesda is more than an orphanage. It is a shelter where kids can spend their whole childhood up to graduation date, as they all get the chance to attend local schools (ranging from kindergarten to university level). Pastor Zebua strongly believes in education, which is why he is continually seeking funding support to meet the children educational fees.

How to support them?

Kulturë Home Decor is involved with Betesda Orphanage on different levels:

  • 5% of our annual profits are donated to the orphanage. These funds are used to pay for the children' school fees or to purchase essentials such as food or medication
  • We now give our customers the option to donate any sum when checking-out. Simply choose a % of the amount you spend or add a fixed amount
  • We visit the orphanage 2 to 3 times a year. During these 1-day trips, we get the chance to meet the kids in person, bring them food or clothes and spend the day playing with them and cooking them dinner
  • We organize online fundraisers when there is an urgency. For instance, when the COVID-19 crisis started, we managed to raise more than SGD 5,000 to help the orphanage to get through these challenging times. For this Christmas, we have launched a fundraiser to help the orphanage go through the next 6 months. Find more information and free to donate here: https://gogetfunding.com/betesda-orphanage-christmas-fundraising

Left: Charles making our annual donation to Pastor Zebua
Right: our daughter Cécilia making new friends!

Want to help?

Feel free to drop us a message on shop@kulture.sg if you are keen on taking part in helping the children from Betesda Orphanage! Or you can shop on our website and choose to make a donation upon check-out.

Tree-planting in Sumatra

Kulturë Home Decor is also deeply concerned about the degradation of the environment on a global scale. As most of our products are made from rattan and MDF, our activities do not have a direct impact on deforestation. 

Still, this issue is rampant in Indonesia, and we believe that concrete actions must be taken now to ensure our children and the next generations enjoy a well-balanced environment for their future. As such, we commit to planting at least 20 trees every quarter and will publish the relevant certificates on each occasion! Check https://www.reforestaction.com/ if you wish to take part in this project.



Tree planting by Hasiana PTE LTD