8 Affordable Carved Coffee Table For Your Home

8 Affordable Carved Coffee Table For Your Home

By Charles Augier de Cremiers

8 Affordable Carved Coffee Table For Your Home

Getting an affordable carved coffee table for your home is not synonymous with old, scrapped, and scruffy-looking tables. Many gorgeous but cheap tables can set off the tone of your living room without looking like something the cat dragged in. 

The coffee table is the focal point of your living room, not just for aesthetics but for functional reasons like storage. It could also provide a flat surface for games and keep necessary items like the TV remote, potpourri, reading material, or candles. 

But before we discuss the best affordable carved coffee table for your home, let's quickly see how you can incorporate your coffee table to fit your living room decor.

  • Section your table to form a grid. You could use tape to section off your table into a grid, especially if it's a large one. That way, you can organize the objects into these squares rather than just jumble them all up on the table.
  • Incorporate plants and flowers into your coffee table decor. Flowers and plants have a way of bringing any space to life. Even if you have a black thumb, you could use low maintenance plants that would infuse some color into your home.

For more information on how you can decorate your coffee table to get the best out of your living room decor, check out my post on Best Coffee Table 2020 for more ideas.

So Here Are 8 Affordable Carved Coffee Tables For Your Home 

1. Carved Wood Coffee Table

This handcrafted masterpiece with intricate rosettes designed into this low solid mango wood table gives off a traditional royal look. Because each piece is hand-carved, no two items are the same, but each uniquely designed to suit your home. 

Carved mango wood coffee table

Carved mango wood coffee table

2. Teak foldable side tables

The mid-century teak foldable tables carry a retro/ vintage modern style that makes it irresistible. The table features two sides that could be folded up or even out to form a simple round table. It's quite affordable and looks great anywhere.

Mid-century foldable side tables

 3. Unique log coffee table

The coffee table features three different heights of wood logs, carefully sanded and painted to give off that feeling of nature. 

Log coffee tables

4. The Avey Classic Coffee Table

This non-fussy table with clean lines has an effortlessly elegant design that can fit into your space. 

The Avey classic coffee table

5. Unique multi-level coffee table

If you love quirky items, this mid-century coffee table may catch your fancy.

Unique multi-level coffee table 

6. Rolling coffee table

If you have a small space, this rolling table may be just what you need. It's small enough to fit into your small space and can easily be rolled aside when you need more space for yoga.

Rolling coffee table

7. Mid-century coffee table with shelves

You could easily create space on your coffee table by keeping items on the shelves.

 Midcentury brown coffee table with shelves

8.Cork coffee table

Classy yet simple, this minimalist cork coffee table is going to be a dream to decorate.

Cork coffee table.

As you can see, you don't have to break the bank to get the right carved coffee table for your living room, especially if you know how to decorate your table.

What's more, with some DIY ideas, you can change the table color and style to something that suits your home without terribly depleting your funds.