10 Balinese Hand-Carved Home Decor Mirrors

10 Balinese Hand-Carved Home Decor Mirrors

By Charles Augier de Cremiers

10 Balinese Hand-Carved Home Decor Mirrors

Decorating your home with Balinese hand-carved mirrors is an art that many people don't understand yet. However, this trend is becoming increasingly popular every new year. Mirror decor gives your home an unforgettable modern look. And of course, the Balinese craft-makers have various popular Balinese hand-carved home decor mirrors that will make your space come alive.

Before we get into that, though, let's look at how you can use mirrors to decorate your home so that you would understand why you need to shop for some.

Mirror decor tips for your home

Mirrors are not just for checking out your reflection, it could be a powerful but nifty tool to make your home decor look modern and chic. The fantastic thing about it using them is that you don't have to break the bank to give your home an effortless look, as some of these mirrors come at a low price.

Bring the in exterior

Mirrors can literally play some visual tricks by reflecting the outside world to the people inside the house. One way to do this is by strategically placing a mirror to face any of the windows with a broader view of the home exterior, and that has more light coming through it. This would help create a feeling of spaciousness and comfort as you look at the reflection of nature's beauty right inside your home.

Create a statement wall

You could organize a statement wall with mirrors of varying sizes. This gives your home decor an elegant look, especially if you have this statement wall facing a large window.

Add some in your wall gallery

You could incorporate mirrors as part of your wall art. Let's say you have a wall full of lovely pictures and mementos, adding some mirrors in between these objects will further beautify your wall gallery.

Space illusion

You can make your room seem bigger than it is by getting creative with mirrors. A full body mirror propped up against the wall does a great job of adding depth to a small space.

Just have fun

The beauty of decorating your home is in creating something exciting and having fun while at it. Sometimes the placement of your mirrors doesn't have to reflect anything or serve any purpose other than adding to the general decor of your home. In this case, you would need hanging mirrors to place in strategic areas of your house.

Now that you can see just how to place your mirrors for maximum effect, let's see some great Balinese hand-carved home decor mirrors that would look amazing in your living room.

1. The Frangipani heart-shaped mirror. This Balinese mirror features a frame of hand-carved suar wood. 


2. Hand-carved driftwood mirror. A well-crafted mirror produced with driftwood timber from Bali.


3. Vintage round Floral Wall Mirror from Bali. A beautifully hand-carved wooden mirror features Plumeria blossoms and green leaves, forming a stunning wreath around this mirror. 


4. Engraved Floral Motif Mirror. Infuse some traditional Balinese feel into your home with this engraved floral whitewash round wood mirror. 


5. Balinese Full Length Carved Timber Bamboo Design Mirror. 


6.  Balinese White Timber Mirror with Frangipani design.


7. Stunning handcrafted Balinese rattan mirror. 


8. Balinese full-length carving flower frame mirror. 


9. Vintage Balinese carved wood shutter wall mirror. 


10. Balinese hand-crafted saur wood mirror.


In conclusion, getting items like these popular Balinese hand-carved mirrors for your wall will give your home decor a new but extraordinary feeling whenever people visit you. You can search kultureco for different new Balinese items for your every decor need.