10 Affordable Hand-Carved Room Divider

10 Affordable Hand-Carved Room Divider

By Charles Augier de Cremiers

10 Affordable Hand-Carved Room Divider

Hand-carved room dividers are not only known for their functionality but also their transformative abilities. The right partition can introduce dimension, texture, and color into your room. A well-placed folding screen can create an illusion of privacy in an open-plan house.

No matter your reason for using a screen, whether it's to show your creative personality, create a strategic layout, solve a privacy issue or maximize your small space, you won't be disappointed with these divider ideas.

With a little ingenuity, you can create a functional and beautiful space that suits you, especially in a small area. What's more, you don't have to spend all your savings to get a good one, neither do you have to make do with old curtains (nothing wrong with some good DIY ideas, though) or tension rods that topple over with every slight wind.

Here are 10 affordable hand-carved room dividers 2020 that will make just a touch of amazement to your home decor, while it serves its purpose

1.Floor-to-Ceiling room divider

Noelle room divider from Wayfair.

The Noelle room divider is easy to install and provides a quick fix to privacy problems. The design is basic as it is functional.

  1. Shoji 3-panel room divider screen

Shoji screen

These traditional hand-crafted screens can serve to liven up an empty corner or create a partition.

  1. Planter room divider

Hand-carved planter divider 

Bring in a breath of fresh air and nature with these planter divider ideas. 

  1. Jute rope divider

Beautiful rope partition.

The jute rope divider is a beautiful and unique way to create an illusion of privacy in your living room area. You can see what is going on outside your haven without being a part of it. This is usually best to create an office space or study nooks.

  1. Foldable panels

Beautiful panel screen room divider

There are lots of foldable panel designs that enliven space. There is 3 panel, 4 panel, 6 panel, and so on, that folds and extends to perform their function. With the right divider, you can enjoy some privacy without compromising your home decor.

  1. Hanging dividers

Unique hanging dividers

Some of these room divider ideas have a DIY aspect. With some slinky free-fall rods or sturdy ropes, you can anchor a beautiful panel or even fabric to the ceiling to create a hanging divider.

  1. Cabinet room divider

Wood cabinet room divider

Some dividers even have cabinets that can serve as a table to maximize space. Efficient room dividers like this are decorative as well as functional. Store documents, display knick-knack, or photos while partitioning off your secluded areas.

  1. Bookcase divider

Bookcase divider with hidden door

Another functional room divider that serves as a wall, a library, and a door. Cool right? 

  1. Draperies room divider

Floor to ceiling draperies

The light or airy draperies blend well with the general decor while sectioning off the bedroom from the dining—a simple yet tasteful way to effectively partition your home.

  1. Wooden door partition

The meshed screen on caster wheels divider

This creative room divider makes it easy to move around. But instead of folding and unfolding or trying to get around it to enter your space, open the doors!

 With these room divider ideas, you can transform your space into a Pinterest-worthy project that you can be proud of. Check out kulturedeco.com for simple and affordable hand-carved room dividers.