Timor wood carving plate 'Gleno'

Timor wood carving plate 'Gleno'

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General information

The beauty of Timorese wood carving! 😍 Not only the gorgeous details of the motifs, but also the culture behind them.


Simply hang this wood carving plate to your wall to give your bedroom or living-room this bohemian primitive feel.


Hand carved by our Timorese craftsman.


Mahogany wood.


All our decorative mandalas and panels come with metal hangers at the back.

Color & finish

White wash.

Use & Care

Meant for indoor use. Simply dust the panel once every 2 weeks.

Shipping Charges & Return Policy



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USA & Europe 


US$ 70


7-day return policy applies for all countries

Size Guide

Dimensions: L50 x W50 x T1.1 cm 


Weight: 1.2 kg


We offer customisation of size and colour. Simply WhatsApp us!