Decorative Panel "Galungan" - Antic Wash

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In Balinese culture, “Galungan” refers to a major Hindu holiday celebrating the victory of dharma over adharma. It also marks the beginning of major religious ceremonies all the over the Island of Gods!

Hand made by a local craftsman in Central Bali, this wood wall plaque can be placed in your living-room above your couch or in your dining room for a stunning effect. This beauty is petite, and it humbly reflects the exotic Balinese vibe to your bedroom. Our collection has been curated to realize your Bali dream, and each home decor piece's quality is maintained to the highest, even at discounted prices.

Made of fiber wood (MDF) and camphor wood. MDF is a great alternative to raw wood to make more affordable panels. It is light and easy to paint thanks to its smoothness It is also durable and sustainable, which means it can be kept in good condition regardless of the climate.

How to install my decorative wall panel? Because of its light weight, it can simply be hung to your wall with the hooks that are provided.

Dimensions: L100 x W100 x T1.5 cm | L39 x W39 x T0.6 inches

Made of 3 framed separate panels

Finish: antic wash

Weight: 6 kg | 13 lb

Comes with hooks at the back

Material: MDF & camphor wood