General information

A charming coastal village in the Southeast of Bali, Candisasa is a must-see.

Made of three sections, the Candisas panel displays tropical foliage designs. A great addition to your wall if you are looking for something refreshing that will stand out!


Hand carved in Central Bali by a local artisan.


This decorative wall hang is made of fiber wood (MDF). MDF is a great alternative to raw wood to make more affordable panels. It is light and easy to paint thanks to its smoothness. It is also durable and sustainable, which means it can be kept in good condition regardless of the climate.


All our decorative mandalas and panels come with metal hangers at the back.

Color & finish

White color.

Use & Care

Meant for indoor use. Simply dust the headboard once every 2 weeks.

Shipping Charges & Return Policy



Free delivery applies.


USA & Europe 


US$ 160


7-day return policy applies for all countries

Size Guide

Dimensions: L100 x W100 x T3 cm


Weight: 9 kg 


We offer customisation of size and colour. Simply WhatsApp us!