Balinese Carved Mirror "Rustic" 100 cm

Regular price $200.00

Balinese mirrors are a great way to beautify your space in style!

Bring the ultimate Balinese touch to your home with the this sumptuous yet affordable hand-carved mirror, made of durianwood and high grade mirror glass.

It can be hung to your wall or simply put onto your console table to give your bedroom or living-room this unique Balinese feel.

Hand made by our local craftsman in Ubud region, Bali.

White-wash finish

Dimensions: 100 x 80 cm

Weight: 7 kg

<> Delivery within 5 working days in Singapore>

Cannotbe shipped outside Singapore

How to hang my mirror?

For wood mirrors which weigh more than 3 kg, we recommend using a hanging kit.

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