Balinese Wood Mirror "Jendela" - Green Wash 90 cm

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Balinese wood mirrors are a great way to enhance your home decor and give it an exotic touch! 

Generally, mirrors give the impression of a more spacious room or add some light to your home, depending on where you place them  

Bring the ultimate Balinese feel to your home with this sumptuous hand-carved mirror, made of teak wood and high grade mirror glass.

Hand made by our local craftsman in Ubud region, Bali. Fully carved by hand using traditional techniques and tools.

Dimensions: 90 x 80 cm.

Weight: 11 kg.

Green wash finish.

How to hang my mirror?

Simply use the hook provided at the back of the mirror to hang your mirror to your wall.

For wood mirrors which weigh more than 6 kg, we recommend using a hanging kit.

Free delivery within 5 working days in Singapore

Cannot be shipped outside Singapore

Cannot be shipped outside Singapore

Worldwide delivery available 

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